Welcome on the homepage of our organization ‘Vatra cu idei’ which literally means hearth or home full of ideas. ‘Vatra cu idei’ is a non-governmental organization which carries out its activities in a beautiful country village, in the Nicolae Bălcescu commune, in Vâlcea County, 20 km away from Ramnicu-Valcea, 100 km away from Sibiu and 180 km away from Bucharest-Romania.

Vatra cu idei’ aims to support the rural community to develop and make a difference in the lives of local youth through the implementation of various social and educational projects and promotion of social economy principles and social responsibility.

A summary of our first-year projects can be seen here:

In order to achieve our goals, we invite you to our FOREST COTTAGE for educational programmes and to our THERAPEUTIC ALLEY for relaxing and therapeutic programs.

The FOREST COTTAGE is located at the foot of Mângureni hill and forest, in a mild, unpolluted, protected and respected natural environment, and it represents a perfect place where you can:

-recover after the stress accumulated throughout the year;

-spend your holidays with your families and/or children;

-organize birthdays for your children;

-organize team-building week-ends for groups of 8-10 people for small businesses;

-host training activities;

-organize themed camps for small groups;

-freely plan your own timetable (we provide you with all the information and support you need);

And all this because 50% of your money will be invested in some of our NGO educational projects. And we THANK YOU for this!

We guarantee you will approach nature and have the opportunity to better know yourself and those around you […]

We are not a pension or a guesthouse! So you will ALL do the activities together! And we think this can be healthy for your family or the group you came with. We invite you to visit us at

Our THERAPEUTIC ALLEY is the second therapeutic alley in Romania and the only one in the south region of the country. It offers the possibility to experience barefoot walking on various natural surfaces (sand, gravel, mountain stones, river rocks, wood, corn cobs, pine cones, straw, sawdust, grass, Earth, etc.). This natural method corrects flat feet, incorrect postures and stimulates feet muscles and the nervous system. Some authors call this method ‘grounding’ or ‘earthing’ and consider it as one of the cheapest, strongest and best ways to connect us to the Earth. Any direct contact with a good conductor object (stone, wood, grass) connected to electrical ground can be a good method to get some negative electrons.

We invite you to have look at our Therapeutic Alley in the following video:

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